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All Categories Data Base Service

This is the era for Internet and here Web Based Data Collection is continuously becoming an integral part for each organization research. For assisting our clients in these data collection, we always take help of consultative approach, which is known as the best method for web based data collection. Moreover, our clients can avail these services at competitive prices.

Bulk Sms Service

With Bulk Bulk 24 SMS services, sending SMS is simple, fast and easy. Generally people use Bulk SMS service when they want to send to more than 500 and plus people, because practically it is impossible to send sms to so many people from phone. Over that, the new TRAI rule has restricted sms limit to 200 per day. In this case, if you want to inform many people about the same thing, say any event or promotion of anything, it is possible through bulk sms only.

Bulk E-mail Service

Bulk E-mail services are being offered by us at highly affordable prices. Bulk email is one of the most successful and cost effective methods for internet marketing. We offer 250 million world wide email addresses which can sky rocket an organization's sales figures.It's simple to have emails relayed as SMS text messages. Make it easy for friends and colleagues to contact you whilst you are on the move, or have important email notifications routed to your mobile phone.